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Loyalty Points

Customers can earn or purchase loyalty points that can be exchanged for admission to Mountain Play Lodge.  Points are a great way for customers to save money on the cost of general admission.  An admission purchased with loyalty points provides customers with a discount of $2-$3 per admission.  Signing up for loyalty points is free and points can be managed without a card.  Customers can register and purchase points on this page. If not purchasing points, customers can register for a Loyalty Card at Mountain Play Lodge to start earning points.  How it works:

You can earn Loyalty Points:

Earn 1 Point for every dollar spent at Mountain Play Lodge.  

You can purchase Loyalty Points:

Pay $100 for 100 Points

How to redeem Loyalty Points:

100 Points = 1 Admission for ages 3-12

60 Points = 1 Admission for ages 2 & Younger


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