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General FAQ’s


Do adults also need socks?

    Adults are only required to have socks if they are going to be accompanying their children on our main play floor or toddler play floor. We would definitely recommend you have them with you just in case!


Is outside food allowed?

    No. Due to our cafe we have food, health and safety regulations we must abide by in order to keep us sanitary and within regulation.


Can we leave and come back? 

    Of course! Your admission covers your child’s play time from open to close on the day of purchase. 


When are your busiest times of day/When is the best time to come?

    Weekends do tend to be busier for us usually, however our ability to gauge how busy it will or won’t be truly depends on the weather. Rainy, windy, or snowy days are usually very busy while sunnier days are slower. Earlier in the day and right after lunch we tend to pick up again but, as always, weather is our biggest factor. Feel free to give us a call to check in if you’re unsure on the day you’re planning to come and play!


Are infants free?

    Children age 11 months and younger are free WITH the admission of one paid sibling. Otherwise, all children within our 0-2 age range are $10.00 each and kids age 3-12 are $15.00 each.


What do you have to offer for kids at Mountain Play Lodge?

    We offer a plethora of indoor play equipment ranging from a miniature “Asheville”, complete with police station, doctors office and mini Biltmore house to a giant 3 part jungle gym complete with 6 different slides. We provide a great place for kids to work out all their energy! Both our main play floor and toddler play floor have a selection of soft play items for children to climb on, over, under and slide down-all within the safety of play floor gating. Each play floor is padded and provides different sensory experiences-kids will be able to not only engage their bodies but also their imaginations! Not to mention we work to consistently keep our play equipment clean and up to date so that way we provide the best experience for your little ones. Also, each of our jungle gyms is adult accessible so feel free to join in the fun with your little ones!




Birthday Party FAQ’s


How early can we arrive to our party?

    We can only guarantee access to your party room 15 minutes prior to your party booking time. Arriving any earlier can result in a penalty fee as outlined in our terms of service when booking a party room.


How late can we stay after our party?

    Fortunately, each child’s admission is good for all day-even if they are here for a birthday party. However, your party room is only allotted for that 2 hour time frame (not including the 15 minutes prior for arrival/set up and 15 minutes after for tear down/clean up). Going over this time can result in a penalty fee as outlined in our terms of service when booking a party room.


How early should we book our party?

    We recommend 4 weeks minimum; that way if you run into an emergency, cold/flu outbreak or other conflict of interest then there is ample time to reschedule your little one’s party


Are piñatas allowed?

    Unfortunately, no. Our ceilings are not low enough to accommodate them and they are a violation of our fire safety code. We also do not permit glitter and confetti.


Do you have ice?

    We do not offer or sell ice at this time, however we do have freezers and refrigerators here to accommodate any ice cream cake, ice cream cups, or other cold treats for your party guests. 

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